Understanding Year 7 Maths Advanced: Australian Curriculum Edition

Author: Warwick Marlin, Publisher: Accelerated Maths Learning

The Advanced Editions are significantly more challenging than the Standard Editions. They contain additional exercises and there are many more ‘problem solving’ questions. These books have been aimed at students who are stronger and more gifted in Mathematics.

Each chapter has been carefully split up into all the important ideas relating to that particular major topic. After carefully reading through and understanding a chapter, the next stage is for the student to work through some of the revision exercises given at the end. These have been carefully graded into different levels of difficulty:

  • Easier Questions: These questions given in level 1 (sometimes also in level 2) are intended to build up confidence. Most of the questions are almost identical to the examples given throughout the chapter – except with the numbers changed. Reference page numbers are given.
  • Average Questions: The questions in Level 2 and Level 3 are of average difficulty level, and will give all students (weak, average & gifted) a good opportunity to practice and consolidate the ideas and rules given throughout most of the chapter. All students should try to complete and understand the questions in the first 3 levels. Reference page numbers are given.
  • Harder Questions: The questions in this level are more difficult as the numbers involved are larger, and some of the more difficult ideas in the topic are tested. Reference page numbers haven’t been included in the margin, in order to make students who reach this level more skillful in researching through the chapter for their own information.
  • Problem Solving: This more difficult level has been included to challenge those students who are more gifted at Maths. Usually the questions are more sentence and problem oriented, and therefore they involve more reading and comprehension skills. It is unlikely that any of the questions in this level can be done mentally, because several different ideas, rules or steps are usually required.


  • Introduction
  • Number and Algebra
    • Number and Place Value
    • Real Numbers - Fractions And Ratios
    • Real Numbers - Decimals
    • Real Numbers - Percentages
    • Money and Financial Mathematics
    • Patterns and Algebra
    • Linear and Non-linear Relationships
  • Measurement and Geometry
    • Using Units of Measurement
    • Shape
    • Location and Transformation
    • Geometric Reasoning
  • Statistics and Probability
    • Chance
    • Data Representation and Interpretation
  • Solutions
More Information
Year Level Year 7
Edition 1st
Date of Publication 2021
ISBN 9781760323783
Subject Maths